This is no ordinary company.

ZenEvo Racing makes its 2025 LAUNCH as a platform Driven by Women with an accelerated approach to change.

What does it really mean to be free?


When you are on THAT lap, and everything slows down

comes into focus

senses awakened

You, the car, track, and elements are one

You are connected to everything all at once

focused on the inside, your center, your power

You know who you are

Our Mission

Our team provides a wholistic community, resources, expansive opportunities and a new model as a better way to live for women in motorsports.         

Our Vision


We offer higher quality connections and a vibrant way to do business, with a new paradigm of performance, accountability, and transparency. We stand for                         

Financial Sovereignty                                                                                                    

Race Success                   



A portion of donations go forward to men and women supporting health, liberty, and awareness like  Grow Well Appalachia.

We are a G-Force for Good 

We look forward to hearing from you. Please reach out with your thoughts and questions.

Knowledge empowers. Community is key. Keep thriving!